PhotoFast i-FlashDrive Gen2

Product FeaturesFree download App for file managementAutomatic prompt when connected to iDevicesWorks with iPad, iPhone4 and iPod Touch Gen4All new iDevices can benefit from the accessoryAlso works as a normal FlashDriveUser can use this accessory when without iDevicesCompatible on both Mac & PCWorks on all OS, including Mac, Windows and Linux


Product CharacteristicsKeyboardRemote ControlStereo StreamingPhone calls

PhotoFast UltraDock 2

Product CharacteristicsIt simply charges iPod/iPhone/iPad simultaneouslyFor Apple fans who had more than 1 iDeviceDesigned for all living spacesPerfect setup for living room, bedroom and officeAll-in-one powerForget about individual power adapters? Now you have a backupSelect in iTunes to sync all devices linked to MacManage them in a better way. Just put them all together

About PhotoFast

PhotoFast is a well-known brand offering consumer electronics products. With the management team of international operation, we insist the enterprise service concept of “Fasting Innovation” to provide our customers high-quality, high-performance, high-compatibility and high-stability products. In 2009, PhotoFast has become the member of Apple Made For iPod program and dedicated in developing accessories.

PhotoFast focuses on the global consumer electronics marketing services. We provide diversity of storage products, such as memory cards, external hard disk, hard disk enclosure box, multifunctional card readers, plug and play flash drive, SSD, Flash module. PhotoFast established an effective supply chain quickly to penetrate through the emerging markets. We also developed a long-term interactive mode with our suppliers and distributor, with full access to shared resources with our partners. We can offer our customers what they really want by adopting global integration model, brand marketing, rapid product development, grasping timely market trends, and rapid technological support advantages.

PhotoFast was founded in 1980 and since 2001 has been drastically restructuring. We implement Japanese marketing mechanism with precise management and executive ability. By cooperating with partners to create a win-win situation, we improved the growth rate year after year by substantially increasing the sales of consumer electronics products. In 2008, PhotoFast will keep upholding the effective distribution supply chain model to grow rapidly, and expand to domestic and foreign markets.

Brand Story

PhotoFast was built by a group of talented R&D engineer who has served in SONY Japan. The professional R & D team joined PhotoFast Taiwan (established 1980) and established a Head Quarter in Taiwan in 2001 .

PhotoFast continues to innovate new technology, stick to strict quality, and aim to enter the international market. Since introducing a series of storage media products, PhotoFast created a purchase upsurge in Japan’s market. To promote our exclusive technology of APP (Accident Protection Prevention), we took the image design of “Protective Charm” to emphasize our information security mechanism.

In Japan, the meaning of the “protective charm” is safe and security. With this memory card patented APP technology, users will not accidentally delete their valuable data. Even though the damage is caused by improper use of storage media, users still can keep their data safe as long as they shut off the power of PC immediately. The APP technology can also recover accidentally deleted data or images. In addition, lifetime warranty and rapid repair services also enhanced the concept of “Protective Charm”. By the combination of “protective charm” and “APP technology”, this unique marketing strategy has won Japanese customers’ heart, and PhotoFast brand has been successfully built in Japan.

After the great achievement in Japan, Photofast persists the Japanese product design and package and starts to enter domestic consumer market. As the diversified development of consumer application, the global design industry also tends to be verified. In order to face the global trend, PhotoFast adopts appropriate research and developed products. From now on, Photofast will keep thinking how to be more creative and application-oriented to initiate most opportunities and prosperity.