Unbeatable data transfer reaching 550MB/s and high capacity at affordable price – are the features of the  series of GOODRAM Thunder Solid State Drives, The new SSD drives, equipped with SATA III interface and SandForce 2281 controller, are available in three capacities: 60, 120 and 240 GB.


Thanks to its modern, ergonomic housing, which is a blend of plastic and anodized aluminum, Goodram Speed ensures the highest level of data protection and guarantees fast transfers and rapid exchange of large volumes of data.


The legendary GOODRAM PRO memories are also prepared to a DDR3 standard. The modules from prestigious GOODRAM PRO series are addressed to the most demanding users, such as players, or overclocking enthusiasts. These modules are also popular among users trying to maximize the capability of their computers, such as graphic artists, architects, musicians and filmmakers. […]


GOODRAM memory cards of micro SD type (microSDHC) have been designed bearing in mind mobile devices. That is why they are an ideal solution for mobile phones, navigations or music players. Fast reading and writing speeds and our lifetime guarantee speak undeniably in favour of GOODRAM micro SD (microSDHC) cards.


Incredibly small size and high durability prove to be useful in many solutions and pieces of equipment.It will prove to be useful in many applications, where the pendrive’s size and shape really matter for the user’s comfort and safety of carried data. The elegant, miniature data carrier can be easily placed in a wallet or […]


Wilk Elektronik was established in 1991. Since the very beginning, our main area of specialization has been RAM memory devices, used in computers, printers and other information technology devices.

Thanks to its narrow specialization and long experience, the company has come to be recognized as an expert in its field, in 1996 becoming the largest distributor of RAM memory in Poland.

Subsequent years brought further, dynamic development, as a result of which 70% of memory modules sold in Poland came from Wilk Elektronik. In 1999 the company was transformed into a joint stock company. Thanks to these developments, memory modules with the guarantee label of Wilk Elektronik SA have become a symbol of the highest quality products.

According to experts, 2001 saw the greatest crisis in the computer industry. Nevertheless, our company not only maintained its leadership position, but also managed to establish close cooperation with Infineon (Qimonda), one of the world’s technological leaders. This was the company’s second strategic alliance, the first being an agreement signed with American Micron Technology five years earlier. Recognition from leading producers of computer memory translated into an expanded product range, but most importantly it provided the foundations and necessary knowledge to open the only memory production plant in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the middle of 2003, the company moved its headquarters to Łaziska, where a plant and offices were built with a total space of 3000 m2. Nearly 100 people were employed at the new Wilk Elektronik SA site, working on the start-up of the first memory production plant in this part of Europe.

In 2004, Wilk Elektronik SA launched memory products manufactured in Poland under the brand name of GOODRAM. From that time on, production of memory modules began at the only plant of its type in Central and Eastern Europe. In only its first year the company sold nearly 400 000 GOODRAM memory devices in Poland. Currently, this brand is offered by all of Poland’s largest distributors of computer equipment. Together with the launch of the GOODRAM brand on the Polish market, the company began to build a sales network in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. By 2005 exports accounted for more than 40% of Wilk Elektronik SA’s total sales. This achievement means that Polish memory modules are available in the countries of Central, Eastern and Western Europe, and even in the Middle East and Africa.

Another step was the introduction in 2006 of USB flashdrives, under the GOODDRIVE brand, and GOODRAM memory cards. In connection with these, in 2007 Wilk Elektronik SA established strategic cooperation with the world’s leader in flash technology – Toshiba. The company’s potential was confirmed when Wilk Elektronik SA was granted the status of a strategic partner in Europe. Thanks to this collaboration, GOODRAM flash products have been manufactured using the best components and the technology of the Japanese Toshiba corporation.

In 2007, Wilk Elektronik SA opened a joint-venture company in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. GOODRAM Middle East covers the territory of 30 countries in the Middle East and northern Africa.